About Villa Pacific Contractors

You have a unique vision for your home. We take pride in turning that dream into a reality. Our stone and brick masonry experts transform your ideas into a result that transcends your imagination. We provide exquisite quality, expert innovation, and exceptional customer service.

Our founder, Brad Gilbert, a master artisan with over 40 years’ experience, oversees every project from start to completion. Our team has completed original projects around the globe from Newport Beach to the Middle East.  When it needs to be done right the first time look no further than Villa Pacific Contractors, Inc.  View our portfolio to see examples of our fine craftsmanship.

About Brad

Brad Gilbert, founder of Villa Pacific Contractors, Inc., relies on his over 40 years of experience to create work that is both innovative and original. He works with a hand-picked team of highly trained craftsmen to complete projects with the attention to detail he would want for his own home.

“We use our expertise to bring to fruition our customers’ ideal vision for their home.”

– Brad Gilbert, Founder